Shannon Pardini-Owner


With 15 years of experience in the medical technology industry.  I was ready for a creative change.  My broad experience managing medical imaging centers, marketing and staffing for Radiologix Corporation transfers seamlessly to the business of running a film set. I got my first taste of filmmaking in 2004 when a director took me under his wing and taught me the craft of storytelling and crewing on set.  From that day forward, I knew being behind the lens and filmmaking was intrinsically a part of my core.  I have had the pleasure of working with many clients throughout the US and globally. Directing and producing, while leading talented teams to bring forth our clients vision.  It is truly a gift to be a part of this creative industry.

Eric Peltier

Creative Director-Cinematographer- Editor

Eric worked as a sound engineer and cameraman for Paris Premiere and Canal+, both major French TV stations in France. Eric left Paris to travel the world and experience new cultures, he found his heart and home in San Francisco. He has worked on numerous award-winning documentaries, films, including "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "Harry Potter", "The Incredible Hulk", and commercials. He participated in the development of Apple's Final Cut Pro, and has enjoyed teaching at Bay Area Video Coalition & Academy of Art University. Eric has a passion for new media, always looking to integrate intelligent cutting-edge ideas in his work and has a passion for experimenting with new ways to tell stories through imagery.


JOe wilinski


Joe is a hybrid filmmaker and a natural team player, he knows collaboration with our rich resource of talent in the Bay Area. Mechanical engineer turned visual storyteller. Joe grew up in Milwaukee, WI then practiced engineering in Boston, MA. After years of a technical career in mechanical engineering design, he now focuses his learned problem solving skills towards his passion of filmmaking. Joe freelances as a director, cinematographer, and editor around the United States, and has worked on projects in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Israel, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Canada. In addition to his film work, he proudly uses his engineering degree with many local designers and fabricators in the Bay Area.


Dustin Vance

Post Production Supervisor-Lead Editor

My professional background began in my teens operating my father’s construction company. Being groomed in business at such an early age, it didn’t take long before my thirst to expand my creativity set in. My 20s I ventured forward to Japan where I open my first video production house. My 10+ years of editing and filmmaking is where I get to craft together the smallest details and allow then to be seen. Every shot has a meaning; the way each shot precedes or follows each other in a sequence is a dance and the most important piece to a story. This medium and its many creative processes has always fueled my curiosity. Being submersed in the many cultures, listening to the sounds of all landscapes moves me, tapping into rich colors and the motion of movement will always guide me to push boundaries within my craft of editing and visual story telling.