At First Launch Productions, we create beautifully crafted professional videos.  But moreover, we are focused on creating something much more profound.

We are a collective of filmmakers, producers, artists, musicians and writers.  Our process opens up the forum to create a story that will connect with your audience and last.

Whether your project needs the look of Ultra High-Def 5k or a viral video, we will get it done precisely to your taste.

We Specialize in

  • mobile/web video
  • social media content
  • branded commercials, TV, film & video
  • original series, shorts, & features
  • feature length & micro documentaries
  • music videos
  • corporate films
  •  field research
  • education & training videos
  •  green screen
  • vfx compositing, color correction & editorial
  • pre production and post production management
  • script writing
  • set building
  • art direction
  • photography
  • live conference events
  • crowdfunding videos

Whatever the needs of your video, we've got you covered!